Are you feeling the call to hold women's sharing Circles?

Have you been thinking about holding Circles for a while but just haven't got round to actually doing so?

Or, are you wanting to hold Circles but not sure how to plan, create and fill your Circles?

Or, perhaps you've held a Circle (or two) but you haven't filled them or something went "wrong" and you've lost your confidence?

Do you desire to be guided and scaffolded as you create your own unique Circles  that are a true expression of what you stand for?

Circle Skills is for you!

Rooted in reverence for this ancient tradition, honouring the practice of

 gathering in circle as radical collective care and embracing circle as sacred

 activism, Circle Skills is the foundational course for holding unique, powerful

 and revolutionary sharing circles.


I'm ready for guidance, scaffolding and inspiration on my Circle Holding journey.

I want to hold unique, powerful and revolutionary sharing Circles.

Unique, Powerful & Revolutionary

This course draws on everything I've learnt from holding long-form live courses in person and on-line. I've harvested the foundational essentials and distilled them into a short, accessible and provoking course.

  • Understand how to plan your unique Circles by being the truest expression of yourself in collaboration with the soul of the Circle.

  • Learn how to create powerful Circles through the alchemy of practical planning and trusting your intuition.

  • Create revolutionary Circles that are aligned with what you stand for and are cauldrons of transformation.

Course curriculum

A guided 10-part journey for new (or nervous) Circle Holders to having the clarity and courage to hold your own unique, powerful and revolutionary sharing Circles.

    1. Welcome to Circle Skills

    2. Please answer these questions to help me know more about why you enrolled

    1. You As Circle Holder

    2. Planning Your Circle

    3. Filling Your Circle

    4. Planning Journal

    1. Introduction to Holding Powerful Online Circles

    1. Circle School Playlist

    1. Foundational Principles

    2. The Circle Process

    3. Holding Space

    4. Courageous Space

    5. Sacred Space

    6. Opening & Closing Rituals

    7. Transition Time

    8. Sister Wound

    9. Meeting your Fear

    10. Selling your Circle

Pre-enrolment Details

  • £133.00

Pre-enrolment is Open until Monday 8th August

The course will consist of 10-videos (approx 20-mins each) covering the foundations of holding women's sharing circles, guidebooks on Holding Women's Sharing Circles, Crafting Guidelines and Creating Ritual, a new and downloadable version of my guided journey to Meet the Soul of your Circle, New Moon and Full Moon Circle Maps and some surprise extras (to be shared soon). In addition this first round will also include a Sharing Circle and Mentoring call with me.

Circle Skills

You will have everything you need to hold your first (or next) Circle.

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Here's some of what we'll cover in Circle Skills

  • Understand

    How to structure a powerful Circle, the qualities embodied by a Circle Holder, your responsibilities as a facilitator, your role as a Ceremonialist, how to create authentic rituals, the power of transitions and the historical context of Circles.

  • Learn

    How to root your Circles in your values, the power of planning, how to hold courageous space, process for creating ritual and ceremony, practices to support you in this multi-faceted role and how to fill your Circles.

  • Craft

    Your unique guiding principles, Circle Map, guidelines, a collection of rituals and your marketing priorities plan.