Are you are feeling the call to hold Sharing Circles?

Do you desire to gather your community together in sacred yet revolutionary spaces?

Are you a wellbeing practitioner who desires to bring your client community together in safer, inclusive and collaborative sharing circles?

Does the notion of sharing circles as places of sanctuary and rebellion resonate with you?

Are you are seeking a circle facilitation learning experience that is grounded and practical, and intuitive and heart-led? 

Understand | Learn | Craft

  • Understand

    how to structure a powerful Circle, your qualities and responsibilities as a Circle Holder, how to create authentic rituals, the power of transitions, tending to the sister wound personally and collectively and the historical and ancestral context of Circles.

  • Learn

    how to ground your Circles in your values, the power of planning, how to hold courageous space, a process for creating ritual and ceremony rooted in you cultural heritage, practices to support you in this multi-faceted role and how to fill your Circles.

  • Craft

    your unique guiding principles, Circle Map, guidelines, your ritual creation process, opening & closing ceremonies, pre-and post-Circle self-nurturing rituals, a Sister Wound healing ritual and your marketing priorities plan.

Welcome, I'm Mitlé

Your guide, teacher and cheerleader

My path is guided by the ancient wisdom of sharing circles, where deep connections, community, and enriching experiences intertwine. In a world often driven by individualism, I've found solace and strength in the collective energy of circles, and it's my privilege to share this magic with you.

My journey with Circle Holding began in the realm of the Red Tent movement. Attending my first Circle whilst pregnant was a pivotal moment, I was seen and heard with love and compassion. This had a powerfully transformative effect on me and my pregnancy.

As a former lawyer and certified wellbeing practitioner, I bring a unique blend of skills, including effective communication, holding space, and navigating complexities with compassion.

Through Circle School, I work with solopreneur wellbeing practitioners to create, hold and fill their own dynamic, nourishing and enriching Circles. I believe that Circles have the potential to bridge gaps, heal wounds, and ignite change in our communities. These are not just gatherings; they are enriching experiences adaptable to institutions, organisations, businesses and community projects. 

How You'll Learn

Delivered in a self-study format on course platform Thinkific, Circle Skills consists of 10 chapters by video learning, supported by course companion guidebooks, reflective enquiries, guided practices and implementation steps.

    1. Welcome to Circle Skills

    2. Orientation Video

    3. Please answer these questions to help me know more about why you enrolled

    4. Tending to this Space

    5. Grounding Meditation

    1. Foundational Principles (video)

    2. Guided Journey: Meet the Soul of your Circle

    3. Craft your Circle's guiding principles

    1. The Circle Process (video)

    2. Circle Planning Journal

    1. Holding Space (video)

    2. Heart Coherence Practice (1)

    3. Heart Coherence (2)

    4. Craft your unique Invocation

    1. Courageous Space (video)

    2. Creating Safer Inclusive Spaces: Self-Reflection Prompts & Resources

    3. Circle Guidelines: Some Suggestions

    4. Craft your Circle Guidelines

    1. Sacred Space (video)

    2. Creating a Centrepiece

    3. Self-Created Ritual Process

    4. Craft your revolutionary ritual creation process

I bring my signature blend of the practical, ethical and mystical to remembering the ancient tradition of gathering in Circle and reimagining Circles for these times.

Circle Library

In addition to the core video chapters you have a library of audio, video and PDF resources:

  • Audio

    Meet the Soul of Your Circle, Heart Coherence, Tapping (EFT), 3-part audio training (You as a Circle Holder, Planning your Circles and Filling your Circles) & Circle School Playlist

  • Video

    Recordings of a live workshop on holding on-line Circles which described as a "gold mine" and guest mentor sessions with Jolinda Johnson on Self-Compassion, and Jade McKenzie on Events for Profit.

  • PDFs

    Planning Journal, Crafting your Circle Guidelines, Creating a Centrepiece, Creating Ritual for your Circles, Moon Circle Maps, worksheets for circle reflection, suggested reading list

Step Over The Threshold

Join us in this self-paced course

Have you been thinking about holding Circles for a while and seeking a mentor to guide you to create your own Circles but don't have the time, funds or desire to join a 4+ month live training?

If you are

  • experienced in your field but new to holding Circles
  •  looking for a grounded, practical, ethical yet radical training
  • excited to offer Circles as part of your business offerings but feel anxious about doing so
  • committed to your professional and personal development and deepening your capacity as a space holder, ceremonialist and facilitator
  • an experienced Circle Holder who wants to reconnect with your vision and replenish your Circle medicine bag
  • know in your bones, this immersive circle course is for you

And you desire to: 

  • Understand the foundational principles that unique, powerful and revolutionary Circles are grounded in

  • Learn meaningful tools and practices that you can implement in the planning, creating, filling and holding of your Circles

  • Craft your signature Circle Map that you will continue to refine on your Circle holding path

Circle Skills is your course!

What Other's Say

Circle Skills is a new course but here's what other's have previously said about my work

Compassion & Understanding

Rae Willingham

Mitle is magnificent. She really is the most exquisite woman. She is compassion, love, joy and understanding all smooshed into a human body. My life has changed so much in the short time I have worked with Mitle and I am blown away by the possibilities that are still to be explored as we travel further together. You can’t help but feel safe and valued in Mitle’s presence. It’s a rare thing.

Highly Recommended

Stasha Washburn, Founder: Period Coaching School

I highly recommend Mitle for your community. I founded Period Coaching School, my students need to understand holding circle, holding space, being present for their clients. Many students will be running group programs centered around menstruation which can be a heavy subject. Having Mitle share best practices and support for their work was essential. The students loved her, I got great feedback from them, including feeling more confident moving into their circle holder and leadership roles. Thank you Mitle, from the bottom of my womb! Stasha

Encouraging & Generous

Laura Edwards Banta

I love that you encourage us to find our own identity and message for our Circle - and the way that you honor each women and the uncovering of her knowing about what Circle she is called to have. Your generosity in the course has allowed us to ask any and all questions along the way to help us through any self-doubt or blocks that occur. I am forever happy and blessed to have been guided by you.

Unique Perspective

Karen Brody, Founder: Daring to Rest Academy

At the Daring to Rest Academy we support women around the world to become rest doulas, to hold space for and to uphold the sanctity of rest. Mitlé provided our rest doulas with a wonderful masterclass on holding space. She is so gracious and wise, with a unique and deep perspective on how to hold space.

A Sacred Practice

Viknesvari d/o Piche Muthu

The journey with Mitlé felt like a sacred practice. I felt seen, heard, embraced and loved from within. I’ve finally learnt how to show up, especially in the online world, by embracing and expressing all of my gifts. Circle School goes beyond holding Circles. It has been a deep transformation for me, in my life.


Stacey Anne Bernadette Kelly 

Mitle, you're a legend! Thank you for helping me gain courage to take my Circles into shadow work and for helping me to feel into my own wisdom and confidence.

Authenticity & Care

TeAroha Haunui

Mitlé has a level of authenticity, care and nurturing that makes you feel safe and secure in working alongside her. She is well versed in her knowledge of Circle and the importance of this for the greater whole. She encourages you to delve deeper into yourself so that you can harness the energy of Circle and support others to transform too.

Wise & Practical

Charlotte Pointeaux, Founder: First Moon Circles

Mitlé is an enchanting guest speaker and a rich cauldron of wisdom and practical guidance. I invited Mitle to record a guest expert interview with me for my First Moon Circle Facilitator Training on the topic of holding safer and inclusive sacred circles and self-created ritual. Not only did my audience learn great amounts from Mitlé but I too was left roused, inspired and captivated by our conversation – it was so much fun! Thank you Mitle!

Shared Wisdom

Samantha Nolan-Smith, Founder: The School of Visibility

Mitlé has so much wisdom to share around women’s circles. She was able to speak to the philosophical foundations, the social justice considerations, and the pragmatics of how to host circle spaces. We’re thrilled with the training she ran for us.

Skilled & Knowledgeable

Janine Begley

Mitle is a truly skilled and knowledgeable teacher and her space holding capacity created such a safe and secure container to be able to look into those parts of me that have brought me so many life lessons. This is enabling me to discern my path and my calling within holding space and Circle.

Circle Wisdom

Circle Skills is a distillation of what I've learnt over the last 10-years; it offers an immediate access self-study course for you to start or deepen your Circle holding journey straight away.

  • An immersion into the art of holding space, the craft of ritual and ceremony and the skills of facilitation as they apply to Circles.

  • A guided journey to finding clarity on the unique principles your Circles are rooted in, and cultivate the willingness to invite your community to join you in your revolutionary Circles.

  • A pathway to planning, creating, holding and filling your powerful Circles, whilst being the truest expression of yourself and your values.

Is this the circle holding course for you?

This is for you if: 

  • you are ready to create your unique Circles and get them into the world
  • you can afford this course without causing yourself financial difficulty
  • you have the time and energy to engage with the content and resources in 10-days or at your own pace
  • you are committed to doing the work and know you are responsible for implementing what you learn

This is not for you if: 

  • you don't want to access content and resources on a course platform and are looking for a course taught live
  • you're looking for a certification course
  • you need one-on-one support or help 
  • you don't have the resources of time, energy and money to invest at this moment
  • you don't want to hold Circles!

Enrol in Circle Skills

Have everything you need to plan, create, hold and fill your first (or next) unique, powerful and revolutionary Circle

An Ancient Practice and A Modern Movement

Remembering, reclaiming and redefining the ancient practice of gathering in Circle, and contributing to a modern Circle movement, Circle Skills offers a foundational framework for holding unique, powerful and revolutionary sharing Circles.

  • Creating powerful Circles through the alchemy of practical planning and trusting your intuition.

  • Holding unique Circles by being the truest expression of yourself in collaboration with the soul of your Circle.

  • Filling your revolutionary Circles with participants who are are aligned with what you stand for and are willing to be altered by their experience in Circle

  • Deepening your capacity as a Space Holder, Ceremonialist and Facilitator so you have the confidence and courage to hold your Circles, your way.

Questions you may have...

  • Is this for in-person or on-line Circles?

    Both! Much of what I teach is applicable to both; where there are differences or other considerations I point these out. You also have access to a bonus workshop specifically on holding on-line Circles.

  • How much time do I need to complete the course?

    You will need about an hour for each chapter to watch the video and do the "homework". However, you may find that you wish to spend more time on a particular chapter. The additional trainings can be watched when you have the space and time to do so. They are about an hour each. You could binge watch the course over a weekend or engage with the course over 10-days, 10-weeks or 10-months!

  • Are there live calls? Are they recorded?

    The content is provided by way of pre-recorded videos, audios and PDFs and you will have access for at least 12-months. From time to time I will hold live mentoring sessions that you will be invited to attend or submit your questions in advance.

  • Is this a certification course?

    This is a brilliant foundational course for Circle Holders. If you wish to become a Circle School Certified Circle Holder you will need to join us in the Apprenticeship with Circles. You can join the "interested to know more list" here:

  • Do you provide templates?

    You create your own! The course is a guided journey through planning, creating and holding your own unique Circles. You will, however, receive two example Circle Maps for a New Moon and Full Moon Circle for creative inspiration. These include suggested practices and recommended resources.

  • Do I have to be on Facebook to take part?

    Nope! All the content is held on a course platform. The discussion forum is enabled on all chapters so that you can engage with others and ask me questions if you wish to.

  • My question isn't answered?

    Please drop me a line and ask: [email protected]

Ready to join us?

Choose the payment method that works best for you at this time and start your journey to holding unique, enriching and fulfilling Circles today.