Welcome dear Space Holder

Can you imagine a world in which the depth of our capacity to hold space for ourselves and others means that we feel safe to express ourselves truly, and co-contribute to the world we long for?

To be a human in these wild times is to be a space holder.

You hold space for your art, your work, your dreams, your desires, your grief and your gratitude.

In your role as coach, mentor, healer, practitioner, guide, parent, care-giver, community gatherer, circle holder, you are a Space Holder. 

Holding space is an essential art, craft and skill to practice compassion, exercise courage and cultivate community. 

With practice and willingness we can deepen our art, develop our craft and hone our skill. 

If you hold space for others, deepening your capacity to hold space for yourself will greatly enhance your capacity to hold safer and inclusive spaces for connection and change.

Over 14-days I will take you on a journey within to deepen your capacity to hold space for yourself so that you can hold safer space for your community, Circles and clients.

If you know that you:

  • are committed to learning and working with practical and devotional tools to hold a safer space for yourself and others
  • describe yourself as an empath, intuitive, highly sensitive and / or an introvert
  • desire to work within a scaffolded framework to support you in your role as a space holder
  • sometimes prefer to avoid, deflect or dismiss how you or others are feeling
  • have a tendency to want to offer advice, find silences uncomfortable, or need to feel useful by "doing something"
  • are willing to do the inner work and deepen into who you are as a creative being in the role of space holder
  • wish to embrace holding space as a personal and collective practice of liberation

this invitation is for you!

PRESENCE doesn’t offer a checklist of “how to hold space” but a  resourcing journey of self-inquiry, scaffolded with integration and embodiment practices.

Join me and immerse yourself in the art, craft and skill of holding space for yourself and learn how to hold safer space for others.

We begin on Tuesday July 5th

And journey together over 14-days

I am offering this round of PRESENCE for £177

From the Presence Community

Course curriculum

Within a supportive circle of space holders, we gather with curiosity to explore our guiding provocations. Our journey flows like this:

    1. Welcome to PRESENCE

    2. Introduction: how we flow

    1. Spotify Playlist

    2. Suggested Reading

    3. Activating your Intuition

    1. What does it mean to be a space holder during these times?

    1. What are the values and qualities that the space holder represents?

    1. What are the Space Holder Archetypes?

    1. How do we meet the shadow and embody the guardian forms of the Space Holder Archetypes?

  • £177.00

Join Us

Go on a journey to deepen your capacity to hold space for yourself so that you can hold safer space for change.


What's Included

When you enrol and join us for this 14-day immersion, you receive

  • Core Content

    The content is delivered daily via video or audio which range from 15 - 60mins, 2 downloadable PDFs, and two live Circles via zoom scheduled for 2-hours. The zoom calls can be close captioned and full transcripts will be provided.

  • Community Space

    We will gather in a private Facebook group as a community space for sharing, reflection and support. Joining the group is completely optional (the course content and resources will only be shared on this site, so you won't miss anything if you're not on Facebook)

  • Extras

    On joining you gain access to the Presence playlist and suggested reading list. There is also a final live Q&A in the FB group and you'll receive a guide to creating your own 2-hour retreat to celebrate completing the immersion.

Past Participant and Guest Teacher

What you'll experience

PRESENCE is a pathway to connecting inwards, uncovering your authenticity, growing into your integrity and expressing yourself wholly as a space holder.

  • PRESENCE supports you to recover / discover your intuition and expand your heart's capacity for compassion.
  • PRESENCE is a resourcing journey of self-inquiry, scaffolded with integration and embodiment practices.
  • PRESENCE offers a framework and tools to support you in meeting yourself and tending to our own wounds, so that you may meet others with compassion and courage. 
  • PRESENCE includes conversations with experienced space holders. These conversations are unedited and shared without fact checking or debating their perspective. This gives you the opportunity to trust your discernment and wisdom to take what is useful for you, to participate in discussion in the FB group, to engage with the integration and embodiment practices offered and to compassionately challenge what isn't in alignment with your understanding.
  • If you flourish in a participatory learning community, PRESENCE offers connection and interaction through 2 Circles and within a private FB group. If you prefer self-study and personal reflection you can work through the resources in your own way knowing support is available if you need it. 
  • PRESENCE offers a perspective on space holding which includes your energetic and physical body, your mind and your heart. 

Through intention, willingness, practice and reflection, PRESENCE guides you to (re)learn to trust yourself, to trust the process of holding space and to trust those you hold space for.

Join Us

We begin Tuesday 5th July

We are joined by 4 incredible spaces holders who will be sharing their wisdom and practices: Kathryn Sullivan: What does it mean to be a space holder in these times? Eva Glamaris: How can we embody the Sacred Witness in our life and work? Atifa Balding: What can we pack in our medicine bags to support us in our role as space holders? Yvette Munasinghe: How can the spacer holder within me, show herself to the world?


We begin on Tuesday July 5th

When you join you receive immediate access to the playlist and suggested reading list.

Meet Mitlé

Through sitting in Circle I have witnessed the significant disconnection from self, body and story that women have gone through. 

Holding Space for ourselves is essential to our sense of connection and belonging.

I have been teaching, guiding and supporting women to deepen their capacity as space holders through circles, retreats and courses since 2016.

I believe in the power of connection, community and humour to provide a path of integrity back to ourselves, and authentic relationship with the more than human world. 

Through our journey together, I draw on my former professional experience as a litigation and compliance lawyer, my training and working experience as a Inspired EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, Intuitive Guide, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Circle Holder teacher, and my own journey through PTSD, depression and anxiety, alongside my daily dialogue with chronic pain and navigating peri-menopause, together with my ongoing studies in Celtic myth, tradition and spirituality, stories and storytelling, and my personal nature based practices, to support you on your space holding journey.

As a recovering lawyer now learning the old ways, I am seeking ways to fracture the current systems that uphold oppression and am committed to increasing my capacity to hold diverse, inclusive and safer spaces for those marginalised by those systems.

If you would like to connect with me before joining PRESENCE, please reach out


  • Is the immersion 14-days from June 21st?

    The course runs for 14 days over three weeks. We begin on the Solstice, Tuesday June 21st and end on Wednesday July 6th. Sundays are left free for integration and reflection. There will be no new content published on Sundays.

  • What time are the calls?

    The daily modules go live on the course site each day at 11am (BST). We also have two live Circles. Our opening Circle on June 21st and our Closing Circle on July 6th. These are both on Zoom at 11am BST. You do not need to be online at a certain time (except for our two circles which will be recorded if you can't join live) to do this course — you can read/watch everything in your own time.

  • What happens if I can't attend to the content / resources each day of the immersion?

    You will have access to the course content for the lifetime of the course (a minimum of 12-months) so don’t worry about trying to “keep up” if life is busy right now. If you have the capacity to do so, you might wish to log in and complete each day as it is released, alternatively you may wish to take your time and do one session a week or over a longer period.

  • Is there a community space to connect with other participants?

    Yes. We have a community space on Mighty Networks where we can gather for sharing and reflection. Joining the group is completely optional (the course content and resources will only be shared on the course site, so you won't miss any content or resources if you don't want to join Mighty Networks).

  • My question isn't answered here. What can I do?

    Please reach out to Mitlé. You can DM her on Instagram or email her at mitle@mitlesouthey.com